2012 job searchThe last few years have been one of the worst economic periods in decades. There have been mass layoffs, unemployment hit 10%, record number of homes were foreclosed on, and the stock market tanked. Pretty much any economic indicator you looked at had bad news to report. But things are changing. And they are changing quickly.

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The economy has hit an inflection point. So what does it mean for your job search? It means you need to dust off that resume, proof it, update it, and get it back out there. Here are 5 keys to your 2012 job search.

1. The past is the past. Yes, times were tough, but companies are once again looking for people that can add value to their workforce.

2. The sooner you get out there the better. There are many people that stopped looking for work. Get your resume out there before they, too, realize things have started to turn around.

3. Double check your online presence. Is your Linkedin profile current? Do you have the proper Facebook settings to ensure anything that is private is, well, private? And don’t forget to check out Google+. Google now includes Google+ profiles in their search results.

4. Don’t forget about temporary staffing firms. They are a great way to get into a company you are targeting. Plus they’ll help with your resume for free.

5. Let everyone know you are looking. That network you built up in 2009 and 2010, its still there.  And more of them are probably working now. Leverage it the best you can.

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