Meet Our Team

Taylor Weiss

Marketing Coordinator/Executive Assistant


Hi, I’m Taylor! My job as the Marketing Coordinator consists of working directly with the CEO to develop content and leverage to help drive awareness to ATR and the CEO herself. It is my job to stay up to date with current technologies and trends in social media, design tools, and applications to ensure we are targeting the right audience and to make sure we are continually improving our engagement with our audience. One of my favorite parts of this job is being able to plan and organize events for holidays and special events! It’s truly an incredible feeling when you work hard to plan an event and it all comes together the way you wanted. I love being able to have a job that pushes me to be creative and challenges me in all the best ways!


Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, there is always someone willing to help you. You never know what opportunities may lay ahead if you work hard and are confident in yourself. 



One of my favorite things to do in my free time is go to the beach. Nothing beats sitting on the beach with a great book listening to the sound of the ocean. I love working out and running. I played soccer my whole life, so running has become a form of therapy for me. Music is another form of therapy for me and I spend 90% of my time listening to music. Music festivals are my absolute favorite and I look forward to festival season every year!



Bali, Indonesia. There are so many reasons why this is my favorite place… everyone needs to go here at least once in their lives to experience the beauty of this island. The culture, the people, and the scenery… it’s truly a beautiful place and I can’t wait to go back.




“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”