Meet Our Team

Saroj Ghosh

Technical Recruiter

BA in English: University of Mumbai


Hi, I’m Saroj. As a technical recruiter at ATR, I specialize in IT and Engineering positions such as Java, C++ programmers and architects, NET developers, and database administrators. I love being able to find the positions or exact job that a consultant is looking for – it’s exciting and rewarding. I’ve been in the industry nearly a decade and I love it! I truly feel I’m able to be more successful in matching consultants and openings because we have leading edge software, current information on industry developments, great networks and frequent candidate referrals, and we recruit for leading companies with exciting opportunities.



I always recommend to job seekers that they thoroughly research the company and the position before an interview. Find out more about what the company does and what skills they are looking for and tailor your resume and answers accordingly. I also advise candidates that it is best to be open and honest with your recruiter; communicate as much as possible with them about your experience, skill set, and career goals. I would like clients to know timely feedback on submittals and interviews is incredibly valuable, as is information about your company’s culture and the specific group where the consultant(s) will be working.