Meet Our Team

Josh Seliner

Director of IT Recruiting

BA in Business, Organizational Management: Vanguard U. of Southern California

Hi, I’m Josh Seliner. As the Director of IT Recruiting at ATR, I lead the IT recruiting team for one of our enterprise-level clients.  This means that I oversee all activity to ensure proper coverage and quality client service. I assign requisitions, assist our technical recruiters with the day to day activities, questions, sourcing, negotiations, hiring and onboarding.

A large part of my role is client facing as I work closely with our recruiters and account managers attending client meetings.  The other part of my role is internal as I help interview and hire new team members, provide training and support on client processes and procedures, monitoring key performance measures for recruiters, and generally being involved with strategic decisions on the growth of the department. Either way my focus is on keeping our clients happy by delivering the workforce solutions they need.

My passion for recruiting has grown significantly every year – I enjoy the staffing industry and look forward to going into work every day. Even outside of work, I’m always thinking strategically on how to gain a competitive advantage within recruiting. I love working with people – and this job offers that day in and day out through collaboration with team members, management, candidates and clients.


Find a specific, focused skillset you enjoy, become educated on it, work to be an expert at it, take on new challenges and there will always be a high demand for you in the workforce.


Communication is crucial to higher quality candidates and forward progress.


“There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison