Meet Our Team

Cyrus Izadipour

Associate Recruiter

BS in Marketing Operations : Cal Poly Pomona

Pursing MBA Information Systems : Pepperdine University


Hello, my name is Cyrus and I’m a Recruiter at ATR International who is responsible for full cycle recruiting. My mission is to achieve staffing objectives by evaluating the best candidates for hiring managers. This is done by building applicant sources, researching and contacting prospects online, providing organization information, benefits, and maintaining client support. I enjoy establishing new relationships, and creating lasting ones with my clients and candidates. My goal is to provide the opportunity for individuals looking to establish a career of their desire, and helping them achieve that.



My advice for candidates is please be transparent! Share what you are looking for and don’t be afraid to dive into a role if you find a passion for a certain field. We all start somewhere, and even if you have many years under your belt it doesn’t mean there is room to discover new beginnings.



My advice for hiring managers is to not only be open minded, but understand where the candidates are coming from. Some candidates are looking for new avenues to provide their hard work for a company that provides them the chance to show what they can do. Give them that opportunity!



As long as you don’t deny me opportunity, then we can be great friends”