Meet Our Team

Avni Jasani

Lead Technical Recruiter
Bachelors of Science In Biochemistry – M.G Science Institute

Hi, I’m Avni! I am a Lead Technical Recruiter at ATR. My key responsibilities revolve around finding the right candidate in alignment or the desired skillset required for our client and building a relationship with the candidate.  ATR is a positive space to work at, you learn, you perform, and you play… It’s all together. I love the energy, the numbers, dealing with people and requirements. It is like looking for the right piece of the puzzle and completing it.

Advice for candidates: Stay positive throughout the whole process.  Also try and look beyond the numbers and financial aspect, the role, the company, the project and the value it will add to your profile.

Advice for hiring managers: Attitudes, Attributes and wavelength matters more than just the skills. Skills can be mastered on the go… it is the right attitude that will lead the project to success.


I enjoy watching movies or web series, cooking, shopping, puzzles, organizing parties and events, meeting people.


My favorite place is Alaska. It is nature at its best all year around. Summer or winters you will discover and rediscover nature that is completely different from one another.



“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.” – Brian Tracy