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Job Seeker Resources

Finding a new job can be challenging. There are so many things to consider including social media, interviewing, references, job boards, and your resume to name a few. Use our job seeker resources to help navigate the landscape. 

The All-in-One, Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Next Job

Everything you need to know for your job search is right here in this easy to read eBook. Learn how to properly format your resume, the importance of an optimized LinkedIn profile, strategies to connect with decision makers, and much more. This free 33-page eBook is written specifically for the job seeker.

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How to Optimize Your Resume for an Applicant Tracking System
These days, the first person to review your resume is very likely not a person at all. It’s most likely an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This means there are certain things you must do to your resume to make sure an ATS can properly scan, read, and parse the information correctly. Read our blog post to learn what those things are.

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9 Absolute Don'ts for Your Resume
Your resume is often the first, and potentially last, contact a recruiter will have with you. It needs to be perfect. Ensuring proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are an obvious must for your resume. But there are some things that we see far too often that are absolute don’ts.  

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Can My Past Employer Give Me a Bad Reference?
Providing references is a standard part of a job search. And if you have done it right, you have spoken to your references before hand and coached them on what to emphasize should they be contacted. But what if your potential new employer speaks to someone at a past employer that you did not list as a reference? Can they give you a bad reference? Read to learn more.

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Get Rid of that "Objective Section" on Your Resume ASAP!
At one point, people were routinely advised to start their resume off with an Objective paragraph, something that explained the type of position they were looking for and the kind of work they wanted to do. But times change, and the resume changes with them. Read our blog post and learn what to put in place of an Objective that will make your resume stand out.

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7 Tips for a Discreet Job Search
The best time to look for a job is when you already have one. But you obviously need to take some precautions during a job search when you are already employed. Read our blog post and learn how to search for a new job without raising any red flags with your current employer.

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