If you’re a hiring manager for a financial organization, you know the industry is constantly evolving. You literally cannot afford to miss out on the latest trends affecting the world of dollars and cents. We’ve seen how demanding finance can be through our experience working with so many of you, which is why we’ve developed a cheat sheet in the form of ATR’s 2023 Hiring & Salary Trend Guide: Finance Edition.

We’ve identified the top three trends affecting the financial industry in 2023 and included them within. And while these insights alone can help you make informed decisions about your business, we go a step further to show you the top three roles—each with a projected salary—that will help you take advantage of each trend.

From tried-and-true concepts like branding to the brave, new world of data analysis, we give you the lowdown on what makes the world of money go ‘round in 2023. If you work in finance, you know the pressure is real. We’re talking about the high-stakes playing field of hedge fund managers, valuation analysts, and investment bankers. The competition is fierce, which is why we developed a guide to help you find the perfect talent.

ATR has been changing the world (one job at a time) for almost 35 years, and we want to pass our insights along to you. The financial industry may be heading into unknown territory this year, so take our 2023 Hiring & Salary Trend Guide along on your next hiring journey.

Unlock the information you need to make smarter hiring decisions. Download ATR’s 2023 Hiring & Salary Trend Guide: Finance today.


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