You might be asking yourself: What difference does it make which staffing partner I choose? Aren’t they all just resume wranglers? Job search junkies? Mindless CV collectors?

That’s a hard “no” from all of us at ATR International.

Not all recruiters are created equal. But the differences that matter most to candidates and companies aren’t always apparent at first glance, requiring a bit more investigation. For example, did you know that less than 7% of all staffing firms have a recruiting process that is certified for quality assurance? That means more than 93% of staffing firms aren’t operating against any real standard of quality!

ATR knows a thing or two about standards, being the very first quality-certified staffing firm in the U.S. We set the tone for an entire industry, so in the interest of transparency, we’d like to show you the reason why. Meet TruRecruit, one of the nation’s first ISO-certified recruiting processes, established in 1995. Although the ISO is no longer offered nationally, ATR has built upon TruRecruit since its inception to make it the finely tuned process it is today—a process that remains a high benchmark for the recruiting industry.

A TruRecruit Primer

Put simply, ATR’s TruRecruit is a system built to provide organizations with the best candidates as quickly as possible, which helps drive projects, departments, and entire companies forward. The right contractors can make a big difference to an organization’s bottom line by increasing productivity and decreasing downtime.

And if you’ve worked with other staffing firms, you may have experienced some roadblocks in finding the right fit for your needs. Most firms flood you with resumes, take too long to reply to inquiries, and often present candidates that don’t match the job description. TruRecruit was built from the ground up to buck these trends.

Blueprint for Success

It all starts when a client submits a job requirement. We use top sourcing methods, which are constantly updated as new technologies become available. Next, we enter candidate resumes into our own database to maintain a huge pipeline of talent. During the initial interview, our recruiters ask candidates a specially tailored series of questions to cover criteria specific to the skills and certifications required for the job.

We leave no stone unturned—in addition to assessing any future legal ramifications that could arise, we delve into the candidate’s personality to give your company stakeholders a total snapshot of the person who will be entering into your culture. Salary expectations and any other special requests are also notated for future reference. It’s safe to say that we’re detail-oriented!

Once a candidate is hired, we upload all of their assignment information into our database. Our recruiters use this information to follow up every two weeks with talent to ascertain any legal or interpersonal issues, an extra preventative step that benefits all parties involved. This enables us to ensure a solid culture fit for our candidates and to mitigate liability for our clients. No matter what end of the transaction you’re on, once you engage with ATR and TruRecruit, you’re under our wing for the duration of an assignment.

Other Differentiators

The main factors that separate TruRecruit from other staffing firms’ methods are attention to detail and dedication to the people we serve—both clients and candidates. But beyond that, our system is backed by more than 33 years of recruiting experience. We’ve been a cornerstone in Silicon Valley from the very beginning, and as a result, we know what innovative tools and optimized systems.

Speaking of which, the technology that fuels TruRecruit is still considered leading-edge even today. Our proprietary software—named “Riley” after our CEO’s dog—acts as the central nervous system for our quality-certified process. The system was developed to automatically create and update requisitions on the ATR website, adding seamless organization to the application process. Based on a modified version of FileMaker Pro, Riley helps us track applicants, data, and CRM for our clients. It’s the infrastructure our recruiters depend on to keep sight of goals and keep in touch with candidates.

More Than Just a System

TruRecruit represents our dedication to treat each and every candidate with intention. Through this trustworthy, repeatable process, we bring contractors under the ATR umbrella to make them feel like they’re part of our organization.

In the past, most staffing firms were viewed as interchangeable. Companies simply engaged a handful of firms, distributed their job requirements to each one, and waited for the deluge of resumes. Some resumes were good, some of them were not. And some firms that seemed reliable at first faded away without a word over time, leading to many of the staffing industry stereotypes we now endure. TruRecruit is our attempt to make these issues a thing of the past.

We’ll say it again: not all recruiters are created equal. And thanks to TruRecruit—our quality-certified, end-to-end recruiting methodology—we can show you that maxim in practice.

If you’re looking to hire talent, you can do so with confidence utilizing our repeatable quality processes. Hiring managers no longer have to wonder about the quality of their candidates or speed of delivery. Both have been built into the process. We’re proud of this highly repeatable and thoroughly documented set of procedures, and we look forward to putting them to work for you to achieve quick turnaround times and qualified placements that drive your business.

Ready to work with a staffing firm that continues to set the tone for industry quality? Reach out to ATR to benefit from TruRecruit today!


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