Spring always seems to bring a burst of energy and hope, and this year especially, I’m really feeling it! After being so focused on keeping my employees safe while continuing to serve our clients, I feel like I’m able to look back at my pre-pandemic to-do list and take on some of the personal and professional goals that were put on hold. I can now devote the proper time and energy needed to do things right.

To that end, I recently accepted a position on the board of Latinx Professionals. The organization helps Hispanic professionals from all walks of life by providing social, business, educational, and philanthropic events where they can meet and network. Whether you are just starting out in your career or are a senior leader, these connections make a difference, personally and professionally. Everyone benefits when we share, learn from, and help each other. After more than two years in isolation, connecting with others sounds great! 

I attended my first board meeting via Zoom because, as a national board, we are spread across the country. Although we were virtual, the energy of the group came through the screen loud and clear! I am so excited to work with these talented, successful Latinx individuals from across the business world. The organization is growing quickly and has recently added several other new board members. It will take a little while before committee assignments are sorted out and I see where I can make the most impact, but I am already energized, honored, and so excited! 

I had been exploring board membership when the pandemic hit, and I’m glad that this opportunity arose. This organization’s mission and focus on helping the Latinx community is a great fit for me. I know how important connections and mentors have been in my career journey. And they continue to be! As we all start to venture out again in person, I am looking forward to reconnecting, and forging those connections through Latinx Professionals is an exciting way to do so. If you’re already a member, please get in touch, especially if you are in the San Francisco area. If not, I invite you to join!

Interested in joining Latinx Professionals? Reach out today!


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