The 2022 Silicon Valley IT Salary Guide


Take control of your tech career in these unpredictable times

ATR International has operated in Silicon Valley for decades, and in that time, we’ve seen the tech industry go through numerous changes. We’ve watched the bubble grow, burst, and grow again—and we’ve succeeded through it all. That’s why, in a tumultuous year like 2022, you can come to us for answers to tough questions like these:


– What’s the appropriate compensation for popular tech roles?

– Is Silicon Valley still the tech powerhouse it used to be?

– How have two years of remote work transformed our industry?

– Which are 2022’s most in-demand tech skill sets?

– Has workplace culture suffered in 2022? What about DE&I?


The 2022 Silicon Valley IT Salary Guide has the answers.

It’s our business to keep our finger on the pulse of tech. If you’re a technologist making your way in Silicon Valley or a hiring manager in need of expanding your IT roster, the time is now to empower yourself with the information we’ve gathered. Let us help guide you through the uncertainty of 2022 to achieve the success you deserve.



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