Take a moment and think about your favorite song.

What makes it so memorable? Which lyrics stick out in your head? Why does it stand out from the millions of other songs out there?

A great resume is like a great song from a talented musical artist: it captures attention, it informs, and it sticks with a hiring manager long after they’ve closed it.

No matter your skill set or years of experience, job searching is never easy. You’re up against dozens (sometimes hundreds) of other applicants for just one role, and some may have the advantage of already knowing somebody inside the organization. Creating a stellar resume is your chance to rise above the competition and be one of the very few applicants who land a coveted interview.

With over 32 years of staffing industry experience, we know what makes a good resume stand out. And to help you with your job search, we’re here to tell you how to craft your resume so that it resonates with a hiring manager. Just think of us like a legendary producer helping a great artist (you) make the most of their talents.

This free eBook, Creating a Rockstar Resume: How to Get Noticed and Land the Interview, contains 10 different sections that include guidance on:

  • Writing the work history section
  • Putting effort into your summary
  • Optimizing for an ATS
  • Following proven resume dos and don’ts
  • Choosing references
  • Much more!


Download the free guide by filling out the form below. We promise it’ll be music to your ears.


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