For more than 30 years, our successes at ATR have been driven by our team of dedicated staffing professionals. Our people are at the core of everything we do. With this in mind, our Employee Spotlight series is offering a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make our ATR family great. This month, Blair Richardson, Account Executive, is taking us backstage to learn more about life at ATR.

1. Briefly describe your ATR journey.

I joined ATR in October of 2018 as a junior member of the recruiting team. I had previously worked in sales, but this was an entirely new industry for me. Luckily, the team provided invaluable support, insight and knowledge that helped me hit the ground running. After recruiting for 4 months, I transitioned to my current role as an Account Executive on the sales team. In this role, in an effort to grow ATR’s footprint, I get to meet new clients almost every day. Learning from each of their diverse backgrounds and experiences is a huge bonus and probably the highlight of my workday!

2. What do you love most about your job?

The people. From my peers, to the amazing team of recruiters, to the highly skilled candidates, to my amazing clients. They each play a part in making every day enjoyable, interesting, challenging and unique.

3. What is your favorite thing to do in Charlotte?

Charlotte is unique from a geographic standpoint: this means having the ability to take weekend trips to both the mountains and the beach with only a short drive – so I love that this city offers ease of travel! But when I stay in town, the breweries, antique malls and experimental food venues are at the top of my to-do list!

4. What is your top piece of advice for clients, candidates, or those who are new to the staffing industry?

Early on in my career, I learned that “people buy from people” – this means they are going to work with you, hire you, fire FROM you, or buy from you if they like you. With that in mind, be yourself and be confident in who you are. People will always respond well when they sense that you are being authentic and genuine.

5. Where would you most like to travel and why?

I would love to travel anywhere in Asia that offers good, authentic street food! I can’t get enough!!

6. What’s one thing about you that would surprise the rest of the ATR team?

I am what I like to call an “introverted extrovert”… meaning I force myself to be outgoing – especially in the beginning towards people with whom I am unfamiliar. It has taken a lot of practice on my part, but I think people would be surprised by this!

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