Childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases are an unfortunate reality that innocent children in our world face every day. The incredible work being done by the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has played a crucial part in helping to alleviate our society of many nationwide and global health issues. Because of the amazing efforts that St. Jude has made, it is always an honor when one of our employees is invited to take a tour of the facilities. On this occasion, Laura Curtin was very grateful to be invited to spend the day touring the hospital and interacting with the patients.

“It is always a wonderful and magical experience to visit St. Jude and see firsthand the progress they have been making against these childhood health issues.”

For Laura, St. Jude is a special and meaningful place that is close to her heart. The satisfaction of being invited back to tour and continuously view the progress that the hospital makes on childhood health issues is always inspiring to her. With so many families struggling to pay their medical bills, St. Jude is doing a huge service by accepting all medically eligible patients in for treatment regardless of whether they can pay for it or not.

StJudeLauraSara1At St. Jude, families never have to pay for treatments that aren’t covered by insurance plans, and families without insurance never have to worry about paying. The hospital also helps patients out by providing families with transportation to the hospital, housing and meals. “It is obvious to see why so many people adore St. Jude.” Laura said, “The philanthropy they do is making a large impact on a national and global level.”

The community residing around the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is truly a special one too. When Laura was visiting, her tour guide was actually someone who had been a patient at the hospital in the past. “The sense of community here is always so refreshing. Many former patients are now working with and supporting the hospital. It is inspiring knowing that an organization can make such a big impact in someone’s life like that.”

With the efforts that have been made at St. Jude, ATR is proud to be a major sponsor of the Children’s Research Hospital. Recently, they even announced that they would be partnering with the World Health Organization (WHO) in an effort  to “advance pediatric cancer survival rates worldwide.” It is initiatives and partnerships like these that make us feel especially good about our support for this great organization. And we are always glad when our employees get to experience, volunteer and tour such a special place like the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

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