5 Signs You’re Working for a Great Technology EmployerThere might be record demand for talent in the tech industry, but that does not mean that IT pros have it made. Intense hiring competition has businesses everywhere making lofty promises in order to secure a desperately needed skill set only to fall short on the delivery. After all, it’s easy for your employer to say that they value your IT career but an entirely different endeavor for them to prove it. Here are five surefire signs that you’re working for a great technology employer.

They Provide Opportunities to Learn New Skills

While IT professionals like you are in high demand, that does not mean it’s the time to get comfortable. Tech is a competitive field, and those who continue to gain and refine their skill sets are the ones who get the coveted jobs and most lucrative paychecks. Top technology companies recognize this and provide their employees with the opportunity to learn new skills. According to LinkedIn, some of the hottest niches to get into in the next four years are cloud computing, cybersecurity, the internet of things, and IT strategy. Combined with big data and other growing roles, these are areas that you learn more about and grow within when you’re working for a great technology employer.

Your Long-Term Career Is a Priority

Exposure to new skills is a positive sign, but it can only go so far. Best-in-class IT employers value the careers of their employees by focusing on long-term career pathing. They ask the tough questions and get to know your professional ambitions. If you’re currently a Business Analyst but want to be a Data Scientist within seven years, how can they help make that happen? Likewise, do you want to grow more technically, or do you desire to get into the management side of IT? Answers to questions such as these should guide your employer in getting you into the right roles that can meet your future needs.

There’s Excellent Work-Life Balance

As an IT professional in a demanding field, it’s very likely you work well over 40 hours per week. It can be easy to become accustomed to coming in early, working through lunch, and staying late, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Even though talent shortages mean many IT departments and tech companies are understaffed, a great technology employer can still provide you with superb work-life balance. Today, 71% of employers are offering motivators such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting possibilities, and more vacation time. In fact, 97% of tech pros wish they had some sort of remote working option. If your company isn’t offering you enough to improve your work-life balance, another one will.

The Pay and Benefits are Appropriate

Although the best technology companies to work for don’t focus solely on compensation, they do provide their IT professionals with pay and benefits that are appropriate. Tech has some of the lowest unemployment rates and highest salaries in the country, with full-time tech pros making an average of $91,398 and IT consultants bringing in $114,725 per year. While market rate salaries vary according to experience, region, skill sets, and other factors, technology professionals are wise to understand what they are worth by conducting research online and talking to peers. Are you making what you feel you should be, and just as important, are you receiving the benefits outside of compensation that you believe you deserve? If you’re working for a great technology employer, those answers should be yes.

You Care about Your Job

When your employer doesn’t value your career or follow through on hiring promises, it wears on you. Only 19% of tech pros report that they are very happy at work. But when your skill set is so high in demand, you shouldn’t have to settle. Even the biggest optimist cannot stay positive in a poor environment. How do you feel about your job right now? If you find yourself frustrated or complaining regularly, it’s a clear sign your employer is not doing their part. While anyone can have a bad day or week, it’s the ongoing grind of negativity that should be your warning sign. On the other hand, if you are happy, care about the work you produce, and feel valued, those are the surest signs of all that you’re working for one of the world’s top tech employers.

Signs You’re Working for a Great Technology Employer

Every company is unique, but great technology employers have a lot in common. Learning new skills, advancing your career, finding work-life balance, receiving appropriate pay, and enjoying your job are some of the most important signs to look for when evaluating your current workplace. Find all the above in one place, and you’ve found an employer to stick with for the long-haul.

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