In our recent column, 4 Reasons Building Relationships Helps Build Your Tech Career, we outlined why relationships are important to your career. Today we’d like to highlight one particular relationship you should consider cultivating – a relationship with a tech recruiter.

Develop a relationship with a tech recruiter. It will help your career.Traditionally, people think of recruiters when they are actively looking, i.e., unemployed. They also tend to think that a recruiter is only interested in their current openings. If you aren’t right for that position they have no reason to talk to you.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Yes, of course, our recruiters are trying to fill the position at hand but we’re a busy firm, we’re always looking for people. We know that if a particular candidate is not right today, they could be perfect tomorrow. A recruiter doesn’t have yes/no piles, they have now and later categories. Even someone who won’t be right for later – maybe they’ve worked in the healthcare field and not financial services – would more than likely be sent to a colleague who recruits for that industry.

Even more important, good recruiters want to partner with you for the long term. We know that later will come. What’s your later? Maybe you are not actively looking or interested in the position a recruiter calls you about. You don’t want to leave your present company. But what would you leave it for? It may sound corny but if you share your hopes and dreams with a recruiter, they’ll listen. And remember. They’ll wait and contact you when that opportunity shows up.

Maybe it’s a certain salary that will get you to move; money is often a motivating factor! But we’ve worked with contractors that wanted to work for a certain company or change industries or move into a more senior position. It could be something as simple as a shorter commute. What you want matters.

And it goes beyond “we can help when we have the right position.” A knowledgeable tech recruiter can help you plot your long-term career plan. They can honestly assess your skills and experience and offer advice on how to fill in gaps that may keep you from moving ahead. They know what employers are looking for. And just like your friend’s sister who works at Apple and might be able to help you get in, they have contacts at leading firms too. And their contacts are more than likely the people who are hiring.

As you know, networking is a must, and relationships will help you further your career. But don’t think too narrowly about networking. Developing a good relationship with a recruiter is an important component of building a successful tech career.

So, what’s your dream job? What are your career plans? And how can we help?

If you’re ready to take the next step, contact one of our recruiters directly.

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