riseandshine.jpgBenjamin Franklin was a morning person. He’s the one who popularized the proverb, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” We would all do well to heed his advice.

The morning hours are quite possibly the most productive in the workplace. You are fresh off a good night’s sleep (we hope), and ready to tackle the workday. Knowing this though, doesn’t make it any easier to do. Still, we should try. Being a morning person can make you a better coworker and a better employee. It can lead to getting more done, having less stress, and ultimately, greater career success.

Here are some of the numerous benefits of getting into work early.

Getting in early helps you get a head-start on your day.
By getting into work early, you get more done. Getting in early helps by providing you with a more calm, quiet and relaxing environment to start your day. This can help give you more focus. Also, when you start a little earlier you get a head start on your to do list. When the inevitable distraction or unexpected request shows up during the day, at least you got a few things knocked off your list.

It provides you with a sense of control over your workday.
Showing up to work early will help you feel more relaxed. Don’t we all feel stressed out when we get to our desk just as the clock strikes and the phone is already ringing! Getting in early lets you recheck your schedule and map out your day. You’ll feel more in control of your day.

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Showing up earlier will help get you noticed in the workplace.
Arriving to work earlier is a surefire way to get noticed by other employees and develop a reputation as a reliable coworker. When you make it a point to beat the traffic and show up to work early, managers will also take notice. Showing up early to the workplace is a great way to show your organization that you truly care and are passionate about your work.

It helps set an optimistic tone for the day.
Research into the science of positive behavior suggests morning people show increased optimism and satisfaction when they develop a routine of getting into the workplace early. Maintaining a positive outlook is important. No one can be at their best when they are feeling down – a good attitude is a must!

Starting the day early is a key trait shared by almost all successful people, Ben Franklin included. And the great thing is, it not only benefits you but others as well. It helps create a positive atmosphere in general. When you are regularly getting in early, your attitude and increased productivity will be a good thing – for you, your coworkers, and your company.

So, early to bed (set that alarm) and early to rise (no snooze button) helps create a healthy, wealthy, and wise workday for all.

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