be prepared.jpgGetting a new job is very serious business. As such, any related activities must be serious too; if you are having fun or doing something a bit lighthearted as part of the process, you must be doing it wrong! Right?

Is this the way you feel about your job search? Does it feel like everything about your next career move is oh so important and hard? And not fun?

Well, to a certain extent, there is some truth to this idea. You should take your job search seriously and you should make sure that you are prepared and doing all the things that can improve your chances of getting noticed, getting interviewed, and getting hired. BUT, it doesn’t have to all be seriousness and drudgery.

Wondering whether you know the best tips and advice for creating a resume, preparing for interviews, and all the other steps in the process? How about taking a little quiz to find out? It’s fun and it will help you stay “serious” about your search. Depending on how you do, you may want to then download our Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Next Job, and check out our resource center for job seekers. We have lots of knowledge and experience and we want to share that with you!

We want every job seeker to be as prepared for success as they can be. We want people to take their job search seriously, as in do the work upfront that will help you to be prepared and succeed in the long run. But you can still have a little fun! Take the quiz. And good luck!




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