most_popular.jpgThank you. It’s a privilege to have you as a Staffing 360 patron and we appreciate that you’ve given us your attention this past year when we know everyone is so busy. We hope that what we share is useful, thought provoking, and perhaps even entertaining at times. Thank you for reading us. We are truly grateful.

Some topics and posts resonate with readers more than others, as the list below shows. In 2016, we’ll continue to focus on those and similar subjects, bringing practical solutions and advice to our readers. We’d love to hear from you about what you’d like us to research, report on, share our experience with, or generally write about. What questions do you have?

For now, in case you missed any of our most popular posts of 2015, here’s a review.

Our most popular posts included:

  1. 9 Absolute DON’Ts for Your Resume
  2. Get Rid of that “Objective Section” on Your Resume ASAP!
  3. Start Your Contract Job The Right Way w/ Senior Recruiter Josh Selinar

If you liked those, try these:

  1. The Must Do’s of Phone and Video Interviews – If you learned something reading a list of Don’ts, how about checking out some Dos?
  2. It’s critical to have a great summary section – If you liked the column on the objective section being outdated, read our advice on what to replace it with.
  3. What to do as your Contract Nears Its End – It’s great to start things off the right way, do the right things at the end too.

Also very popular with our readers were a series of columns focused on IT Certifications:

  1. Top-Paying IT Certifications
  2. ATR Employee Necia Chase Demonstrates the Importance of Certifications
  3. Do Certifications Really Help IT Job Seekers?

There were a couple of columns on workplace trends and how we’ve responded that were quite well read:

  1. Learn Why ATR International Offers it’s Internal Employees Unlimited Vacation.
  2. The End of Performance Reviews

and another of our most popular posts reported on the volunteer efforts of Kamila Sobczyk.  It’s always worth promoting a story like that!

VTO Spotlight – Kamila Sobczyk

Finally, we tried to take the mystery out of what happens when you submit your resume on line in:

What Happens to My Resume after I Click “Submit”?

It was our most popular column of the year!

Let us know what your favorite was, if it’s not on this list, and, please, tell us what you’d like us to write about in future posts.

Thanks again for your support!



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