happy_contractord.jpgPart 4 of our 5 part end-of-the-year series about the things we appreciate here at ATR.

In this post, part of our continuing series, the spotlight is on our contractors and how much we truly appreciate them.

Think about it.  Most companies make things and sell them – they have a physical, tangible product. A car, a video game, a pair of shoes or even a software program – they are all things.  For most companies, the only human part of the equation is the customer.  Not so in the staffing industry.  We don’t sell a product. We work with people, connecting them with companies that need their services. This makes everything different.

We appreciate that our contractors allow us into their lives and entrust us with such an important part of themselves – their career, their livelihood. People work to support themselves and their families. Their job is an integral part of who they are and it takes great trust and faith to put yourself in someone else’s hands.  We appreciate every time someone puts their trust in us in this way.  It is a responsibility that we take seriously.

To be the most successful, we need people to be honest with us and let us be honest with them. We need them to listen and take our advice. We are so grateful that our contractors do this. In this way, we’ve shown some of our contractors that they are more in demand than they might have thought, placing them in positions of more seniority and salary than they expected.

We’ve helped people achieve their dream of working at a particular company or moving to a new city with the security of a job in hand. We’ve helped people develop new skills. We’ve helped some transition from a permanent position to full time contract work and helped others use contract positions to move into a permanent role.

And of course, the most important thing is that we’ve helped our contracts earn a living performing valued work. It’s a simple thing to say but what it means to have a job is anything but simple. The satisfaction, confidence, and a host of other wonderful feelings that a career brings to an individual are critical. We all want to make a better life for our family and friends, contribute to and improve society, and help build stronger communities to live in. Jobs let us do this.

We appreciate how hard our contractors work. We appreciate that they are understanding when there are delays that postpone the start of an assignment or when the opposite is true, and we need someone to jump on it and start on short notice.  We appreciate their patience. We are grateful for the pride they take in their work and the dedication they bring to the execution of their duties. We are continuously impressed with their commitment to our clients. Our contractors consistently display the same motivation and loyalty as any permanent employee.

ATR’s contractors help our clients innovate and grow. These talented people work in the biotechnology and life sciences industries helping our clients perform vital research, including delving into the foundations of life.  They work in the medical devices and healthcare industries, helping us all live healthier, longer, happier lives. They design, develop, code, test, and rollout software and technology that touches all areas of our lives, making us safer, entertaining us, connecting us, and more. These are just some examples of the amazing things they accomplish.

Finally, working in the staffing industry is a very rewarding job to have. The feeling you get when you tell someone they’re hired is amazing. And we get to experience it every day, over and over again. None of it would be possible without these amazing people putting their trust in us. We sincerely appreciate that our wonderful contractors choose to work with ATR. They make our jobs fulfilling and our own careers worthwhile and successful.

And so: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We look forward to working together into the new year!


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