Part 1 of our 5 part end-of-the-year series about the things we appreciate here at ATR.

It may seem obvious – without clients we wouldn’t be in business, so perhaps it seems silly to say we appreciate them. But it’s not just a bottom line kind of appreciation. Of course we appreciate their business but we value so much more.

We appreciate their friendship. Their talent, hard work, and commitment to open communication and teamwork. We’re grateful for their professionalism and their willingness to share their knowledge. We recognize how lucky we are to work with such smart people and are pleased that we can help make their work, their company, more successful.

We also value the opportunity to make a difference, not only in the individual lives of the people we place at their companies, working alongside their employees, but also the chance to make a difference in the world at large.

While working for ATR, our contractors have researched the foundations of life and developed devices that saved lives. They’ve built the equipment that routes networks and helped build a social network. Our employees have helped companies track their own money and built online tools that help everyone manage their money. Some have worked on video games, others designing alternative energy or building F-16s.  ATR’s contractors help our clients innovate and grow.

Our clients make cool things that make everyday life easier and more interesting. They protect our money, our property and even our lives. They develop medicines and devices that help cure diseases and help us all live healthier, happier, more productive lives. Without our clients, we wouldn’t have the chance to be a part of these accomplishments. It is one of the rewarding things about being in the staffing industry: you get the benefit of learning about many different industries and the myriad ways that technology and engineering makes our world a better place.

So today we want to say thank you to all our clients. Thank you for making this past year successful for all of us, and especially successful beyond a monetary measurement. Our clients work in the Healthcare, Medical Devices, Financial Services, Information Technology, Software and Telecommunications industries, to name just a few. We’re happy to help on the exciting and important projects each of your companies undertake. We appreciate working with you all and we’re so grateful for the opportunity you give everyone at ATR, from our recruiters, to our sales and customer service representatives, to our administrative staff, and especially all our wonderful contractors, to share in your success.



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