Do you wonder what happens to your resume after you hit that submit button?  Do you worry that it’s simply dumped into a cyber black hole never to been seen by human eyes?  Do you sometimes feel like it’s all a waste of time?

In some cases you might be right, but absolutely not when it comes to ATR.  Even though we receive thousands of resumes a year, a real person reviews each and every one.  Actually, during our recruiting process your resume might be seen by 2 or 3 people as we determine if we have the right position for you.  Certainly, we use technology to increase the efficiencies of our recruiting process but no machine or software ever determines your fate.  We developed the infographic below to give you an overview of what happens when you submit your resume to ATR. 




We want to make sure we have the best people to work with our clients and that means we can’t afford to overlook anyone.  We’ve developed a comprehensive recruiting process, TruRecruit, that is ISO certified for quality, and reviewing resume submissions is one part of the overall process.  Because we specialize in IT, we can accurately evaluate your skills and experience and quickly determine whether or not you’re a good match for any of our open positions.  And since we’re always getting new requisitions from our clients, if you’re not a match today, you may be tomorrow.  We don’t file your resume away, we carefully tag it so our recruiters can easily find it when recruiting on future positions from our clients.

We take great pride in the personal attention we give to our candidates and contractors, right from the start. Submit your resume today, with confidence!




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