job_seeker_coverFinding a new job can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider. What should my resume look like? What content should be in my resume? Where should I look for a new job? And what about my LinkedIn profile? These, and many other questions, all need to be answered if you want to have a successful job search. Where do you find answers?

If you are like most job seekers, you spend a significant amount of time on Google searching, reading, and searching some more. All of the information you need is out there, on the Internet, somewhere. Usually in more than one place which means you need to find it and then sort through it all. It’s a time consuming task that we felt we could fix.

At ATR, our recruiters have been placing talent at leading companies for many years. They know what makes the perfect candidate. They know what makes the perfect resume. And they know what makes the perfect LinkedIn profile. It’s what they look for and coach job seekers on every day. That’s why we sat some of them down and asked them to share their best advice for job seekers. The result is The All-in-One, Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Next Job.

This free eBook puts it all in one place. It saves you the wasted time and effort of having to search for answers and allows you to get right to your job search. You will find vital information on questions about:

  • the must know tips for interviewing
  • how to make social media part of your job search
  • optimizing your resume
  • how and when to follow-up
  • our favorite resume template
  • and much more

To find the best job, you need to have the best information. The All-in-One, Comprehensive Guide to Finding Your Next Job provides you with just that. Download it today and save yourself the time of looking for job search information and start looking for a job instead.


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