PROMOTEDMost people want to advance in their careers through promotions and raises. But most people also usually sit quietly, doing their job as well as they possibly can, hoping for that raise or promotion. And while doing your job well is important, it’s only part of the strategy behind getting that promotion that you want. Hoping alone won’t get you there!

State your goals
The people who can give you a promotion need to know that you want one. Don’t assume that it’s obvious. If you have annual or periodic performance reviews, they are a good time to discuss this, or ask for a 15 minute meeting where you can make clear what your goals are so that when the time comes you are considered.

Ask how
Also, be sure to ask what you can do to make sure you are up for a promotion when the time comes. Working hard may be only part of it. Are there certain skills or experience that you need? Is promotion dependent on building a business case or showing ROI? Knowing what is important to management and where you can focus your energies is often key.

Earn it
This is where the hard work comes in. Get to the office early, stick to promised deadlines, help others, ask your boss if there is anything that you can help with, provide solutions not problems, be a resource for others. These are all things you can do to make yourself stand out and earn that promotion.

Cultivate relationships
Develop positive relationships at work by actively listening to others. Encourage your coworkers to openly share work related issues and be a person that helps them find solutions. Always respect others opinions and voice your differences in a professional, controlled way. Work together to come to a mutual agreement on work related issues and always offer compliments for a job well done.

Be seen
Be an active participant at work. Attend any and all meetings that you are invited to and speak up when appropriate. Show leadership on ideas and subjects where you have knowledge and engage others whenever possible. Share credit where credit is due. Doing the work is only half the battle, being seen doing the work is the other half.

Follow up
This step can be challenging, but following up with those that have the ability to give you a promotion is important. Check in every once in a while to see what your department’s or the company’s needs are and ask how you can help. Following up shows initiative, long term vision, and a commitment to reaching your goals.


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