describe the imageMaking yourself memorable at work isn’t always easy, especially if you work at a big company. But there are some basic things you can do to make sure you are considered when promotions, raises and new opportunities within the company arise.

1. Show up early every single day
You are expected to show up on time every day. The key to being memorable is to do more than what is expected. Showing up early is especially impressive if you work in an area that is has heavy traffic. When others run in the door late, complaining about traffic, you will be at your desk having gone through most of your morning emails.

2. Never, ever, complain
You’re going to have bad days, days when all you want to do is complain. Don’t do it. Neither your boss nor your co-workers want to hear about your problems. They only want to hear about solutions. Present constructive ideas to your boss in a professional manner. Be sure to include as much pertinent information as possible including cost, time investment, and benefits to the company.

3. Daily contact with your boss
Stay in daily contact with your boss if for nothing more than keeping them up-to-date on what you are working on and what you accomplished for the day. Your boss is often tasked with knowing what is going on in her department and the easier you make this for her the more memorable you will be.

4. Create your own set of goals
Bosses love it when staff members come up with their own set of goals. It shows initiative, a desire to get ahead and the ability to think creatively. Write out your goals and ask your supervisor for a convenient time to discuss them. Maintain written documentation of all your accomplishments and use this information during your next review.

5. Volunteer for projects
If you find yourself with extra time on your hands, volunteer for additional projects. Sometimes, other departments simply need more bodies rather than any particular expertise, so don’t be shy about exploring new terrain at the workplace. Keep an eye out for any upcoming projects and always put your name in the hat.

Final thoughts
Being memorable takes a little effort. But if you work these 5 things into your work routine you will be well on your way.

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