temporary employeeSo why do companies use temporary employees? There are many reasons, but here are the six most common.

This is especially true in the world of IT. Most companies are technology companies, built on a foundation of technology that requires maintenance. The result is regular technology upgrades, conversions, special projects and more. Keeping qualified IT staff on the payroll year around is costly. Hiring temporary staff with the right skill sets when and where you need them is often the best approach.

This is accurate for both sides. Companies often want to make sure an employee is a good fit before committing to them as a full time employee and workers also want to make sure the company meets their needs. A temporary-to-hire staffing model allows for this.

Expected (and Unexpected) Workforce Fluctuations
For a variety of reasons, many companies have staffing needs that fluctuate. It could be due to new product launches, seasonal spikes, unexpected increases in business or a variety of other reasons. Utilizing the flexibility of temporary employment allows these companies to ramp up quickly when needed.

Temporary Fill-In
Life happens and sometimes people need to take a leave from work for medical, family or other reasons. However, the company often needs and wants to make sure these individual’s jobs are waiting for them when they are ready to rejoin the workforce. In this situation, a temporary employee can be the perfect one to fill in until an employee is ready to return.

Provide Needed Assistance During Company Transitions
Restructuring a company or completing a merger often takes resources that a company may not possess. Utilizing temporary employees allows a company to bring on the needed expertise for the time frame that best fits their needs for the task at hand.

Quick Access to Certain Skill Sets
Sometimes companies find themselves in immediate need of a certain skill set or expertise, and it may be an expertise that their internal staff is not familiar with. Leveraging the experience of a temporary staffing firm allows these companies to find the exact skills they need quickly and cost effectively. As the saying goes, time is money.


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