getting ahead workThe corporate world is tough. There are deadlines to meet, bosses to answer to, co-workers to team with, and responsibilities to manage. It can be overwhelming and, at times, make you feel as if you are stuck in a rut. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking the right approach with the right attitude can get you out of that rut and moving to get ahead.

1. Dress above your position
Visual cues are an important part of how humans interact with the world around them, and the workplace is no different. Take notice of how those who are viewed as successful in your office dress and follow suit.

2. Present new ideas above your role
Companies that thrive rely on new ideas and new approaches to old problems. And quite often, those ideas come from employees. Keep your eyes and ears open for problems or issues around the office. Come up with solutions backed by research and common sense and you will win points quickly.

3. Be a go to person
If you are a reliable provider of accurate information and solutions to problems, you will quickly become a go to person in the company. Word spreads fast around the water cooler so take advantage.

4. Take diverse assignments
Getting pigeon-holed into a single role or responsibility can be a problem. You will be perceived as one dimensional with limited abilities. Make it clear to your boss that you want to take on assignments outside of your documented responsibilities. Do a good job with these new responsibilities and your boss will tell his/her boss and watch your influence in the company grow.

5. Make others look good
People like to feel good about themselves. And when you are the one that makes them feel good, they will like, trust, and say good things about you around the office. These are all ways to help build credibility with your peers and superiors.

6. Work in your accomplishments
Chances are, no one else is going to toot your horn for you. Be sure to let others know about your accomplishments but do it in a discrete way. Work it into conversations. Mention to your boss how pleased you are that your idea is showing results.

7. Listen
It’s important to remember that you never learn while you are speaking. Listening is the key to learning. Pay attention to what others are complaining about, managers mention as issues that are effecting the company, and problems that your boss is trying to fix. These will all give you insight and provide you with action items that will get you noticed.

8. Ask
Go to your boss and ask him/her exactly what it will take for you to get a raise, get promoted, and make a difference. You will gain points just for asking the question.

9. Leave personal life at home
Your life outside of work should be just that, outside of work. Casual conversation about your weekend is bound to happen, but don’t be the employee that is constantly talking about their private life at the office. It can be annoying to others and make you that person that co-workers try to avoid.

10. Attitude
People are attracted to a positive attitude. While others obsess about problems and issues, a positive attitude in the office is often welcome and can set you apart from your colleagues. But make sure you backup your positive attitude with action. A lot of positive talk without the results to back it up is often viewed negatively.

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