job search basicsIt’s a new year and hope springs eternal. Hope for health, happiness, and perhaps a new job. Finding that new job, however, can be a daunting task. But nail down the fundamentals of a good job search and your pursuit will be easier and more productive.

1. Resume
The foundation of any job search is a good resume. Be sure to customize it for each and every job you apply to. Use the job description as a guide as you customize. It is important to address every requirement listed in the job description. By doing this you can make it impossible for the hiring manager to pass you over for an interview.

2. References
Line them up right away. A variety of individuals can include managers, past co-workers, vendors you have worked with, individuals that have reported to you, etc. Then, when asked, provide the types of references required. Also, be sure to notify your references any time you pass their contact information along to a hiring manager. You can also coach them on what will be asked and how to answer if they are called.

3. Subscribe to Indeed or Simply Hired
Indeed and Simply Hired are vertical search engines focused on job postings. They crawl the internet and pull every posting from every site to one location, their search results. They also offer daily emails with jobs that match predesignated criteria. A great resource for any job hunter.

4. LinkedIn
Any reputable company will look at the LinkedIn profiles for all of the applicants. Make sure yours is optimized for your job search. Social media consultant Jorgen Sundberg offers 12 great tips on how to do this.

5. Reach Out
Communicate with everyone in your network. Be sure to explain exactly what you are looking for and encourage them to connect you with anyone that can benefit from your experience.

6. Practice Interviewing
It’s never too early to start practicing your answers to some the most popular interview questions. As Confucius once said, “Success depends upon previous preparation, and without
such preparation there is sure to be failure.” Paul Michael of WiseBread offers some great advice in How to Answer 23 of the Most Common Interview Questions

7. Follow Up
Follow up with each and every contact you make. Chances are, they forgot all about you within a few days. Stay top of mind through short, polite follow up emails, messages, texts, or phone calls.

8. Be Creative
And lastly, be creative in your approach. Applying at restaurants? Make your resume look like their menu. Applying at ad agencies? Use digital media to grab their attention. There are many ways to separate yourself from the pack. Get creative.

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