job huntLooking for a job can be a job itself. You’ll spend countless hours writing and formatting your resume, keeping up with job postings, practicing for interviews, researching companies, etc. It can be a lot of work to do it right. And while focusing on what you need to do to land that perfect job is a must, knowing what pitfalls to avoid is just as important. Here are seven things that are unacceptable during your job search.

1. Poor Grammar – There is absolutely no excuse for poor grammar, incorrect punctuation, or misspelled words in your resume, emails, or any correspondence. The Internet is full of resources and Microsoft Word has all sorts of tools to help you in these areas. Use them.

2. Showing Up Late – There is no excuse, ever, for being late to an interview. Plan ahead, leave early, and make no other commitments that day. Plan your route and check traffic ahead of time. There really is no excuse for being late to an interview other than poor planning.

3. Ignorance – By the time you show up for an interview you should be an expert on the company. Read their website, multiple times. Know what makes them different from their competitors. See if they have a blog and read it. Check their LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Read everything you can find about the company. Showing up to an interview with little or no knowledge about the company is unacceptable.

4. Don’t Ask Questions – If you’ve done number 3, then asking questions during an interview should be easy. It’s a great chance to show off your knowledge of the company and start a conversation that will impress. Not asking questions may seem polite, but in reality, it simply shows your lack of preparation and interesting the job. Always ask questions, always.

5. Poor Taste on Social Media – Your image on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube will be associated with the company’s image if they hire you. According to ZDNet, 56% of employers check an applicant’s social media presence. Would your social media presence reflect well on your prospective employer? If not, you might be out of luck.

6. No LinkedIn Profile – LinkedIn is THE social network for professionals and there is simply no good reason not to be on it. In addition, you must actively build and maintain your network of connections. Anyone who doesn’t do this appears out of touch and borderline unemployable. You need to be on LinkedIn.

7. No “Thank You” Follow Up – Common courtesy and good manners should never be optional but during your job search they are even more critical. Don’t drop the ball at this stage of the game.

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