jobsBack in January we wrote a post titled 5 Keys to Looking for Work in 2012. In that post, we reported that the US economy had hit an inflection point. There were numerous signs that hiring was picking up and that hiring activity was only going to accelerate. As it turns out, those indicators were correct.

The most recent job numbers have surprised even the most optomistic of economists as U.S. job growth has been the strongest we’ve seen since 2006.  

U.S. Manufacturing picks up in March 

U.S. Unemployment Applications Drop to Lowest Level in 4 Years

U.S. Job Growth Widespread

Other secondary indicators of recovering job growth are starting to show up as well. Just last night on my way to the grocery store I heard an ad on the radio for open positions at Nvidia Corporation. It’s been years since I’ve heard or seen advertising targeted specifically at recruiting employees. In addition to this, the three major U.S. car makers all saw major sales increases in March. Both positive signs for a recovering economy and job growth.

Here at ATR international, we’re seeing the effects of a recovering economy as well. Our clients are hiring, our recruiters are busy, and people are finding work. 2012 continues to look like the year our country makes major strides towards a recovery from one of the worst economic periods in recent history.


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