interview questionsYou may think the answers you give in an interview are the most important thing to focus on, but the questions you ask may be even more important.

Questions show your thought process. They reveal how you process information and demonstrate to the interviewer your ability to understand concepts and create solutions to problems. Questions reveal more about you then answers.

With this in mind, your goal in an interview should be to turn the interview into a strategy session by asking questions that will uncover problems within the department and company. Then you can start brainstorming about potential solutions. If you can do this, it will put you one step ahead of your competition. Here are some good questions that will help you in accomplishing this.

Why is this position open?
Why are you here?
What’s your biggest problem right now?
What’s your management style?
How do you measure success for this position?
Can you tell me where you think the industry is headed?
How does this department contribute to the success of the company?
What are some of the departments recent successes and failures?
What are the most immediate challenges that need to be addressed by someone in this position?
What types of people are successful in this company?

There are many other questions that can be asked. The goal is to go into the interview with the proper mindset. Your mindset should not be “are they going to like me?” but instead, “how can I uncover information that changes the conversation to a strategy session?”

Best of luck!


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