6 reasonsUsing a temporary staffing firm can provide companies with a competitive advantage. Here are the top 6 reasons companies use temporary employees.

Flexibility: Staff fluctuations happen for a variety of reasons including special projects, seasonal periods, and economic cycles. Temporary employees can be deployed quickly to address these challenging times.

Fill in: Sometimes regular employees are out for an extended period of time due to illness, vacation, maternity leave or other reasons. Temporary workers are a great way to ensure that these absences don’t slow down company productivity.

Evaluate Workers: Utilizing temporary workers allows a company to evaluate whether a worker has the necessary skills to succeed at the position, fits the company culture, wants to commit to the company, and enjoys the position and environment.

Save Time: Staffing firms typically have a pool of candidates that allow them to fill positions quickly. This can be especially helpful when you need someone right away.

Save Money: Staffing firms manage all government mandated payroll taxes, provide training, administer benefits and recruit, screen and test candidates. This lessens the burden on internal staff and saves on administrative costs.

Find Unique Talent: Most staffing firms have recruiters that specialize in finding talent with specific or unique skills. A good recruiter has a network of talent they can draw on to find the perfect candidate.


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