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Supplier Diversity Resources

We have assembled a diverse collection of resources to help supplier diversity porfessionals and MBEs optimize their programs and efforts. 

7 Reasons Supplier Diversity is an Important Business Strategy
The importance of supplier diversity as a business strategy is increasing every year. Companies realize positive impacts to their bottom line from an increase in minority purchasing power, alignment with government initiatives, and the positive effects on public relations. This eBook addresses many of the important reasons for a supplier diversity program.

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8 Musts for a Successful Supplier Diversity Program
These days, supplier diversity programs are commonplace at most large and midsized companies. Corporations see the tremendous benefits to having a diverse group of approved vendors for most services and products. But for a program to truly be successful, there are certain things you must do.

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The Essential Conference Attendance Guide for the Corporate Supplier Diversity Professional
ATR's supplier diversity expert, Angelique Solorio, takes her years of experience in attending MBE events and conferences and puts it all into one eBook focused on the corporate supplier diversity professional. Learn the benefits of attending, how to uncover the suppliers that are true gems, and what to do after the conference. This eBook is a must-read for corporate professionals.

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Our Path to MBE Success
Becoming a successful MBE is not something that happens overnight. It takes continued dedication, work, ingenuity, and constructive relationships with others in the MBE community. We have received so many questions about how we got to where we are, that we decided to share our path to success in a detailed blog post. 

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MBE Suppliers: It's More Than Providing a Great Service or Product
To a certain degree, being able to provide the products or services that large corporations are looking for is the easy part. But it’s only the first step. Companies have other criteria like financial stability, ethical behavior, environmental impact, fair hiring practices, and a host of other things that could negatively impact them if their suppliers were not up to their standards.

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"Need-to-Know" LinkedIn Tips for Corporate Supplier Diversity Professionals
LinkedIn is the go-to online resource for business networking. But how do you make quality connections and build trusted business relationships? How do you promote yourself and your supplier diversity program in a way that increases your visibility and helps you develop new supplier relationships? Read our blog post to learn how.

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