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Our Story

Founded in 1988 in response to the burgeoning demand for temporary technical resources, ATR International has been providing our clients with IT consultants and enterprise wide staffing services for over 25 years.

We are headquartered in Silicon Valley and serve clients across the U.S. ATR provides a suite of services including temporary and temp-to-perm staffing, direct placement, and payroll services. We understand how to operate effectively within managed staffing programs and have significant experience working with leading VMS and MSP providers. Our clients range from emerging start-ups to large corporations.

Leadership Team

Technical Recruiting Team

               Emily Lutz

               Emily Morgan

               Alex Kissner

                  Richard Boyer

            Rebecca Barnhart

             Damaris Garcia

            Patricia Schnieber

               Katie Pfankuch

             Anna Naughton

                  Amy Mei

            Christian Hyman

                 Rachel Ekert

               Liz Brandt

              Andrew Hunter

         Amanda Underwood

             John Dummann

                Nina Ahghari

                Erica Dixon

                Zaira Campos

              Alex Gonzalez

              Blair Richardson

              Tyler Molihan

               Casey Nelson

               Cortni Mckenzie

                Gloria Kim

Support Staffing Recruiters

               Sara Ganzorig

               Emily Hillman

                 Marci Diaz

            Cathleen Nguyen

                 Z Zabinski

               Michael Sales

                Juan Rosales

               Arely Serrano

Account Executives

Support Staff


           Christina Vermette

              Melissa Chavez

               Dan Friedland
Brian Glassanos_small_gallery

              Brian Glassanos

                 Taylor Weiss

            Alexandria Pacho

            Janelle Raymundo

               Lucille Aviles

           Brianna Anglikowski