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Hiring Resources

We have been sourcing, screening, and placing top talent for over 25 years. It is what we know and what we do. Our hiring resources below will help you do the same.

6 Things You Can Do To Dramatically Increase IT Contractor Retention
Nearly 3 out of 4 IT Managers say contractor retention is a major issue. Is a tenure policy a good idea? What really motivates your IT workers? Do benefits matter? We share some best practices to help you retain your IT contingent workforce and avoid the pitfalls and consequences of IT contractor turnover.

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7 Expert Tips for Hiring the Best IT Employees
IT employees are an important part of almost every company. But finding the best IT candidates can be a challenge. Download our complimentary eBook to learn things like the secret interviewing techniques used by tech giants, the best way to screen for attitude, and the one thing you must have for candidates to accept a lower salary.

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6 Best Practices for Selecting Excellent Staffing Suppliers
ATR International CEO Jerry Brenholz shares six best practices to help you select the best staffing providers for your program. Learn who to include on the selection team, what to use as selection criteria, and why meeting in person is so important. Avoid the pitfalls of your competitors and optimize your supplier base today.

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9 Must-Ask Questions for a Perfect IT Contractor Hire
Learn the nine questions you must ask yourself to ensure you find the best IT contractors for your organization. Discover how to find the perfect IT staffing firm for your needs, what is more important than experience when it comes to interviewing, and what an IT staffing firm can help you with that you never thought of.

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VMS Best Practices: a Guide to Getting the Most from Your Staffing Software
How to properly use a staffing VMS can be a contentious topic. But it doesn't have to be this way. Our 21-page eBook will ensure that you are getting the most from your software. Learn things like the best way to balance quality and speed, what prohibiting direct contact with vendors means for your program, and how to select the proper number of vendors.

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The Essential Guide for a Successful Contingent Workforce Program
In this eBook our VP of Recruiting Wendy Sun consolidates her 22 years of contingent workforce knowledge regarding best practices for a successful program. Highlights include the nine necessities for program success, how to safeguard your program, and the best vendor mix. With the right knowledge and right approach, your program can thrive.

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